JRT – Take a Walk in Zapata

Joyce Currington | July 8, 2016

Walking is one of the best exercises and cheapest. Finding a safe location can sometimes be difficult.


Bravo Park – Zapata, TX |  Image Credits: Joyce Currrington

Zapata makes it easy! Spread throughout the Zapata are numerous safe walking paths. Take a look at Bravo Park, where the concrete path circles and winds along side a pond. This is an easy trail, near the Library and the Museum – benches are situated along the trail to give you a place to rest and a bit of history. There are swings for children and restrooms (unfortunately these are not always open due to vandalism not long ago). The Library also has a small path behind the building.

Another, more difficult trail is at Flores Park at First and Del Mar. This is a longer trail that circles around and has some slope to it in places. There are benches along the trail. This is a


Flores Park – Zapata, TX  |  Image Credits: Joyce Currington

wider path than the Bravo Park one. It is a little farther off the beaten path, but a nice challenge for the serious walker. Farther up the hill, in front of Falcon Lake Nursing Home is another path, this one is fenced in and is an easy walk.

On the north side of Zapata you will find another fenced path, between Glenn and Fresno. There is an open pavilion at this path and also benches.

Always carry water with you to keep hydrated. If you like a little more action in your walks, grab your golf clubs and hit the course, plenty of Jeeter-Ranch-smhills and challenges!



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  1. Nice to see encouraging walking in Zapata.

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