JRT – “You May Be Entitled to Compensation”: Talcum Power, Diapers, Product labels.

baby-powderJoyce Currington | July 9, 2016

Everyday we read or hear about “You may be entitled to compensation” for complications from some new drug or another older one. Are we being Guinea Pigs for the pharmaceutical companies? Or is it just a ploy to make money. Either way you look at it – it is scary. The one that puzzles me the most is the Talcum Powder scare. How many of you, your mothers, your grandmothers used Talcum Powder? How many of you or all the above, used it on your babies? Now, if this is a problem now, why is it just appearing and why only in women? Were our babies in danger? And what about the little boys! Good questions.

Speaking of boys. While I was in a college speech class, one of the other students did a talk on “research: baby boys and disposable diapers” – the point of the article was that the heat caused by leaving soaked diapers on our sons could reach a dangerous degree – enough to cause them to be sterile. Isn’t that interesting. This information should make us all think twice about the convenience versus the old standby of cloth diapers (or at times, no diaper).  I would have to deduce that from the population growth, the sterility problem does not seem too valid. It is true that the temperature of a wet disposable diaper can get extremely warm and especially down here where some outdoor thermometers have actually broken from the heat!

These are valid reasons to read all of the information contained in the packages. And then, if you have questions, call the 800 number found on most packages. Keep receipts should problems occur so that you have proof of purchase to back up any claims. However, do not become so Jeeter-Ranch-smparanoid that you are going to call on every little thing hoping for a big pay off. That is about as likely as winning the lottery. After all, remember don’t believe everything you see on TV and only about half of what you read!