Reasons to attend a Commissioners Court

Joyce Currington | – October 5, 2021

Commissioners Court usually meets on the second and fourth Mondays of each month. Holidays often make it necessary to change the date.

Friday, October 8; is one of those special occasions when the date has been changed.

Are the Court sessions boring? No Way. Of course, you will never know unless you attend!

Some highlights of this coming meeting are:

Reviewing a petition against the 20% raise for some County employees.

Judge Rathmell electing NOT to receive the raise.

October 23, the second annual Take Back Pill at the Court House (get rid of those unused or out-of-date meds.)

SCAN is back!

Update and possible action regarding the Border Wall.

Is there something there that interests you? Remember, 9:00 am on October 8, 2021. Open to public and available by stream.