Using Your Time Wisely

your-timeJeeter Ranch Tidbits
Joyce Currington | August 06, 2016

Have you heard the term “severe non-interlinear water fowl issue”? You have this problem if you “do not have your ducks in a row!”
Part of getting your ducks in a row may mean taking pen and paper and logging in what you do each day- everything. You will probably be surprised at how much time you are actually wasting on trivial things. Research is showing that if we sit,sit,sit for long periods of time during the day, we are in danger of higher risk of blood clots, diabetes, obesity and more.
Years ago, our children walked miles to school, now you would have a hard time getting them to walk a couple of blocks. Would you do it? Probably not.
Wal Mart has a grocery pick-up lane now. This is a good thing for those who really need it. But, who do you think will actually use it? My guess would be those with desk jobs who figure they can call in their grocery order, drive by and have it loaded for them, drive on home and pop their frozen dinners in the oven – while they go sit in front of the TV and watch the shows they have downloaded during the day.
For a change, get a pedometer – and wear it – park away from the door to the store, go do your shopping. When you get Jeeter-Ranch-smhome, check how much walking you have done. Think about how well you feel – you may have felt tired when you left work, but this little bit of exercise you were able to work in have actually renewed you and you feel good about yourself. Try it – you just might like it!