Poetry Under the Sundial theme of 3rd Annual Poetry Reading

Joyce Currington | March 20, 2019

Poetry Under the Sundial

Image Credit: Joyce Currington – The Tramonto String Trio of Adrian Martinez, Dante Aquilar and Joey Gonzalez entertained at the 3rd Annual Poetry Reading in San Ygnacio, “Poetry Under the Sundial”.

A small table in front of an herb garden in the lawn at Fort Treviño served as a podium, while guests were seated on bales of straw anxious to hear the many poems from sentiment, traditional, comic and memorial, that would be read by authors or fans of such well-known authors as Walt Whitman Age is no qualification when it comes to writing poetry; topics and styles vary with each individual.

Christopher Rincon opened the event by reading about how “Spring can really hang you up the most”, a song that has been one of his favorites. He then introduced Diana Uribe, who served as our emcee for the afternoon. Several participants were retired educators from the area; it reunited a teacher with students – a sort of reunion.

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Laredo Border Slam was well represented. LBS is “spoken word competition” for avid poetry fans who enjoy a bit of competition with their writing. Isabel Shrout was one of LBS group, she gave a very emotional reading “The Woman in the Mirror”, at the end of the reading, you realize the woman she was describing was herself. Another member of LBS, Sam Bratton, is not your traditional poet, he added humor and some erotic and serious aspects to his offerings – whomever said poetry is dull, has not sat and listened to a creation by Sam Bratton! He is a young man with a future.

Fort Trevino Visit

Image Credit: Joyce Currington: – Sign in at Fort Treviño offered a chance to visit with friends. Sylvia Bruni, Dr. Ma Alma Gonzalez-Perez, Rosa M. Dellano and Armando X. Lopez, shared many of their teaching stories before joining others for the readings.

Dr. Ma Alma Gonzalez-Perez, showed how a writer can become very emotional about their creations, even years after they have written them. Most are familiar with Dr. Perez’s bi-lingual children’s books.

Rosa M.Dellano, a former educator from Laredo (with over 49 years and 100’s of students to her credit}, kept the visitor enchanted with her readings and stories. She introduced Armando X. Lopez, a member of LBS and also one of her former students.

Meg Guerra, a very out-spoken journalist is not afraid to speak up when the subject needs to be aired. Her presentation tapped in on “the great wall of hate” – she stated that we do not need another symbol of hate .

Spending an afternoon in the walls of Fort Treviño for Poetry Under the Sundial, will be a cherished memory and a hint of what will be coming one year in the Spring of 2020. “Crossing Border of Awareness by bringing awareness to the Border” is a statement that sums it up; poetry comes in all languages, by all ages and all genders – it is a universal language.

Thank you to the River Pierce Foundation and all of the many supporters who make this event possible.