Author to present latest book at Nuevo Santander Genealogical Society meeting

Nuevo Santander Genealogical Society | January 30, 2019

Author Tony Molina is coming home to Zapata, Texas, for a book signing and discussion of his two novels; “South Texas Drag” and “South Texas Twist” that originated here.

Author Tony Molina

Author Tony Molina

Tony Molina was born in Laredo, Texas. He grew up in the small town of Zapata where the setting of the “South Texas Drag” and “South Texas Twist” were canvassed. Tony’s novels quickly capture the imagination of the reader with intimate imagery, unique language and vivid characters. Plot twists and ironic turns keep the reader engaged and on the edge of their seat.

Tony served as a police officer for 27 years in Arlington, TX. His experience as a vice and narcotic detective and SWAT member ensured the authentic portrayal of the South Texas Drag a way of life.
Currently, Tony lives and writes in Fort Worth Texas. He is working on Book 3 in the Smugglers Tales. He is retired and “living the dream” as they say.

The book signing will take place on Saturday, February 2, 2019 at  2:00 p.m. at the Zapata County Museum of History.  Click here for more information on this event…