JRT – Taking care of your pets.


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Joyce Currington | June 23, 2016

Do you love dogs, cats and larger animals? We all have a responsibility to our pets. Zapata has a leash law, as do many other Counties in the State. These laws were put in to help minimize rabies threats and dog bites.

It is obvious why they are important and a protection. Thanks to the annual rabies vaccine drop, this disease is not the threat it has been in the past. However, loose dogs do pose a serious problem. When a female is in heat, she may have a following of up to five or more males of all sizes – all trying for her affections. These males are going to fight among themselves and anything or anyone who tries to interfere. A pack of dogs can take down a full-grown cow, horse…not to mention humans. These animals are not paying attention to anything but the female, they all will run out in front of a vehicle – your innocent “Spike” may be left lying on the pavement. Your child may come home from school to find his/her loved companion repeatedly run over by more vehicles. If you love your animals, this will not happen to them because you will have them safely fenced in and either spayed or neutered. It is the loving thing to do, for your pet, your child, your neighbors. No one likes to see a dead animal left on the road and no one likes to hit one.

Zapata does not have a full-time veterinarian, but we do have some who come to the community to offer services monthly. Owning pets is not cheap. When selecting a pet take this into consideration – can you afford to give it the love, care and attention that is deserves? Many animals are cute when they are little (so are our children) but they all grow up – they take up more space and they eat more! They are still lovable and they are ours.