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neighborhood- giraffeJeeter Ranch Tidbits
Joyce Currington | June 24, 2016

Our neighborhood is a quiet, secluded  area, tucked away in the Mesquites. Often people would say it is hard to find, could be, but when a neighbor was putting up a game fence, I teased them about putting a sign “Do Not Feed the Giraffe.” While they were in Laredo one day, they came upon (what else) – a Giraffe! They had to have it! Now we can claim a wildlife refuge and directions are so easy, ‘turn at the giraffe’. The giraffe has company, but a 15′ giraffe is hard to ignore. Some people take pride in their property and give it that special touch that sets it apart from others; I’m sure it brings many smiles when people drive by – I love it! (Where is it? I guess that is our secret for our secluded neighborhood!)

What is the drawing card to Zapata? Most would say the fishing in Falcon Lake; or maybe the warm winters. Few would note the most obvious and least thought about – our clean air! To go with this breathable air, we have numerous walking trails around town (San Ygnacio and Lopeno also). No, Zapata does not have big theaters and fancy restaurants, but what we do have is what makes us special. Our restaurants are clean, quiet and serve good food. You can relax – they do not have the ‘eat, rush and move on’ atmosphere that is often found in big city restaurants. In many cases, the staff knows you and serves you with a personal touch. Let me point out one in particular – El Rincon de los Angeles; when we go in, we are not asked “what do you want to drink?” The waitress approaches us with our menu and two glasses, “Un-sweet tea and water with lemon, correct?” (and always with a smile!)  This is the type of service you will get around Zapata.

Zapata is known for the famous Chicken Fried Steak – Tencha’s legacy lives on with her children serving up the delicious meals at El Paraiso, The Steak House and El Rincon – they learned from the best! When in Zapata, you must stop to eat – all three restaurants are on Highway 83.