JR Tidbits – 7 Things You Can Save Money on While Shopping Locally – Zapata, TX

7-ways-to-save-in-zapata-txJoyce Currington | July 14, 2016

We may be one of the only small towns with three Dollar General Stores! Plus, we have a Family Dollar. What this means for Zapata is that we can save money on seven areas of home use according to a latest study. Seriously, the dollar stores usually have better prices on:

1) Cleaning supplies – which include soaps, bleaches, mops and almost anything that you are going to need to keep your home clean and smelling good.

2)Greeting cards is another category that your dollar stores will be the best place to go.

3) Kitchen wares don’t have to make you cut corners in other areas if you shop dollar stores.

4) Office Supplies, from pencils, pens, paper, notebooks, staples, paper clips and much, much more. Office supplies also include your envelopes and even desk accessories to hold all of these numerous objects. Don’t forget the tape and glue!

5) Throwing a party? Save money by heading to a dollar store. Party favors need not last for years so they shouldn’t cost you an arm and leg!

6) Picnic supplies from baskets to napkins, plates, plastic ware – yep, you know where to go. And…

7) If you are having trouble reading this – dollar stores have reading glasses for every day of the week.

So, Zapata may be 50 miles from any other stores, but with our dollar stores, you can save gas by shopping locally! By the way, you know those offers on TV that “cannot be found in stores so order online”. Think again, most of those will be found in dollar stores! Happy shopping.