Jeeter Ranch Titbits – Recycling, Thinking of Others


Joyce Currington | June 15, 2016recycling

Recycling is becoming a main focus in many areas. Aluminum cans, plastics, metal and more. Sometimes it is the little things that add up and you do not receive compensation. There are many ways to recycle things, garage sales are popular – but what about the things that NO one would want to purchase at a garage sale! Toothbrushes – who would want your old used toothbrush? Most manual or electric have hours of life left in them, so put them to use. Clean your faucets and other hard to get at spaces, A/C vents, how about the grooves in storage lids – grab your toothbrush.Polishing or cleaning shoes is an excellent way to put that old brush to work and they will put a nice shine on those shoes or boots.

Recycling is not driving down the highway with the truck bed full of cans and paper, thinking it will all blow out before you get to your destination – that is called littering. It also does not mean putting it in the back of someone else’s pickup, when there is a trash can a few feet away.

Help make Zapata clean, keep litter bags in your vehicle and teach your children to use them; here again is the example we set! Recycling includes using cloth diapers – what a difference that would make in landfills and your pocketbook.

Do you know a special person in Zapata who has reached out to others? I would like to mention Jamie Paredes. This young girl has beat all kinds of odds, yet she has found time to reach out to others, often using her experiences to get an up-building message out to others who may face similar problems or have a loved one who does. Jamie, we love you.

How would you like to be remembered? Possibly the kind of person who was always able to cheer you up when you felt down, the kind of person it is a pleasure to be around and a good listener. Often we do not need someone to talk to, we need someone to listen and offer a hug. That is one thing that sets South Texas apart from many places – people are not afraid to give a hug to show they care.