Jeeter Ranch Tidbits – Child Rearing, Room Decorating Hacks, Jello


Jeeter RanchTidbitsJoyce Currington | June 16, 2016

L.H. Loble, a former Judge from Helena, Montana, made a very pointed statement about child rearing, “Discipline should begin in the high chair – – not in the electric chair.” It seems those tables are turning; are we missing the mark on training our children or are we turning the responsibility to someone else – our children maybe? Training involves discipline, which should not be confused with abuse. When we look at the success of many of our Zapata students, we can see that we have some very impressive young people in the County. Part of the success is the community involvement of many organizations. Students are encouraged to reach out and they are rewarded for their participation. Just the simple act of opening a door for someone is an indication of some excellent up-bringing in many places, this is a lost art – in Zapata it is a common practice!

Speaking of children – kids will bes. If you have painted walls in your home, you might think about using a darker color on the lower half of the wall. Separate by using a painted border or a chair rail. When the lower half gets scratched and dirty, wash and repaint it. This is a time saver as well as a money saver. You can go a step more by painting the floor – decorate with large checker board (make checkers to size), or if the room is large enough, give them a shuffleboard or bowling lane (used plastic pins and balls, available at many stores). The change from electronics can incite imagination and creativity. Mom and Dad can even play along with the young ones!

Dress up your Jell-0 by using vanilla ice cream instead of cold water. Mix the equal amount until the ice cream is dissolved. Decorate with fresh berries and a dollop of Cool Whip.