Jeeter Ranch Tidbits – Missed Movie Mistakes, Pets


moviesJoyce Currington | June 17, 2016

I have often wondered if the zippered dresses in the old westerns were true to form. Did the women have access to zippers and Singer sewing machines while traveling on covered wagons? Gideon Sunbach patented the zipper April 29, 1913; in most cases, those zippers should have been a row of small buttons or snaps (not Bee Lee western snaps).

We don’t usually notice things like that since we are involved in the movie plot. One example of a goof, is in Gone With the Wind, when Ashley is brought into the house wounded. Melanie grabs the gas lamp to carry it in to the bedroom – did you notice the electric cord hanging down from the lamp? I didn’t, but you can be sure I will watch for it next time!

How about some of the accuracy of TV shows we love. MASH for example. One episode had Radar on the phone, he spelled out B.J.’s father-in-law’s name “H-A-Y-D-E-N’. Hawkeye quips “M-o-u-s-e” parodying the old line from Mickey Mouse Club, which didn’t air until 1955…MASH was set in 1951-1952.

That should make watching movies exciting – seeing if you can catch those innocent mistakes that get missed.

Stray dogs and cats are still a problem. It is not fair when a responsible family keeps their pets fenced, only to have a neighbor’s dog jump or dig under your fence to come in and mess up your yard – or bite a member of your family.

I recently rescued a very cute kitten – that turned out to be a very hyper critter. When taken to the Vet, I found out that if an animal bites: first offense is ten days observation; second time another ten days and a warning; third offense animal is picked up and euthanized as a vicious animal and a danger to the community. The solution was to give it strict discipline to show “Mischief” that “I” am boss. It is a shame that spay or neuter is priced out of many families budgets. Cute puppies and kittens grow up to be adults – but, they are still the owner’s responsibility. They do not stop loving and needing love just because they grow up.