If you never try, you’ll never know.

By Joyce Currington

Sunday, November 16, 2014

refreshChanges for the good in Zapata. Falcon Motel and Oso Blanco Lodge both are under new management. Javier and Debbie Zapata have been working hard to bring up the reputation of Falcon Motel and are making improvements. They look forward to serving visitors to Zapata. Craig and Rosie Bigler are the new owners of Oso Blanco Lodge and are up-dating the property to make it more attractive to our visitors to Zapata. Check out these two locations when you come to visit or fish.

“Wings on the Go” recently opened its doors in our community, offering a menu full of delicious items to satisfy your cravings. They are located across Highway 83 from another favorite – “El Rincon de Angeles”. “El Rincon has completely redone the dining area and will soon be tackling their restrooms, making them more accessible to customers. Robert and Rosalva encourage you to come see and dine, you will enjoy their delicious food in the attractive changes they have made.

Escamilla Pre-Owned is now one of the first businesses you see when entering Zapata from the north. It is right across from the welcome sign and brings a big city look to their local sales lot.

Zapata is making changes most are for the good. The residents came together and voted in the 2% Sales Tax. This will not completely offset the loss of revenue frJeeter-Ranch-smom gas and oil, however, the burden does not fall only to our residents. Sales tax will be paid by all who shop our businesses – on any taxable items. We pay sales tax when we shop Laredo, the Valley and almost any County in the State of Texas. It was a wise decision – the alternative was a raise in property tax.