Be strong.You never know who you are inspiring.

By Joyce Currington

Sunday, November 22, 2014

go-hawksZapata County Independent School District is well-known in the State. Our students excel in many fields and have put the District on the map. Without good administration, this would not be possible. Last year, a mere months before school dismissed for the summer, a new Superintendent began analyzing the District and each campus. Raul Nuques could be seen at most events, whether school or community. He and his staff worked throughout the summer putting together a plan for the new term.

Now that the 2014/2015 year is nearly at the half-way point, results of his efforts are showing in a positive way. One important change was the implementing of a School District Police force. These six officers have found working with the students is a great pleasure; they are forming bonds that could last a lifetime. When the men talk about their experiences, several have had tears in their eyes – “it is such a worthwhile project and the rewards are smiles and hugs,” is the report they give. One made the comment , “I have gone from task force to being kindergarten cop – and I love it.” This is just one way that ZCISD schools have become a safer environment for Zapata children.

The District is united, a major goal being the success of the students. A happy student enjoys school and will do well. Part of making a happy student is having happy teachers who enjoy their workJeeter-Ranch-sm (if you can call it work!) Years ago, teachers taught because they wanted to, it seems that for awhile it was more about the money and summers off, with little concern for the students. ZCISD is turning that around – the focus here is on the students and it shows.