First Hot Wings Contest A Huge Success

Joyce Currington | – May 22, 2019

A Hot-time in the old town tonight – became a reality at the new El Rincon De Los Angeles Restaurant, when the Border Patrol held their first Hot Wings Contest for scholarships. The room was filled to capacity as sixteen brave contestants (including one lady) anxiously waited to be served. From many supported by Quick Air to a young tennis player, it promised to be exciting – and it was. No utensils, a glass of water and plenty of napkins.They would be served fifteen wings, hot, extra hot and extremely hot, Zapata Fire Department was on hand to “put out the fire” if needed!

Such comments as: “You can’t make things spicy enough.” Robert Solis;.”This challenge is a step less than my usual spicy food.” Lobo Garcia; “I dip my tongue in lava before brushing my teeth each morning. This is light weight.” young Greg Gutierrez (verified by Mom!}; “A pure gut challenge, I’m the only one that can win.” a confident Jesse Dominguez. Albert with Quick Air commented that there would be no work for his Air Conditioning team the next day!

None of these confident comments made the top three. Greg Gutierrez showed good judgement when he stood up to excuse himself; his effort was a testimony of good judgement.

When it came to the end, George Crake was a burning success! He was followed by Alejandro Martinez and Elias Villarreal. What an exciting night! Thanks to our Border Patrol, who also served as waiters; the staff of El Rincon, and all supporters of the event. We look forward to next year.