Zapata Future


” After all was considered, it seems that “family” was the center of concern.”

Joyce Currington | – May 21, 2019

A small group joined Texas A&M AgriLife for a brain-storming session of ideas to draw more to Zapata. The groups discussed Community Development, Health and Family, Agriculture and Youth. After each group separately noted their concerns and ideas, it was opened for discussion and comments. After all was considered, it seems that “family” was the center of concern. All suggestions involved family in one way or another.

Some of the concerns were about health issues, from normal issues to the increasing drug problem among our youth. Social media was listed as a big concern on the drug issue – it is the source of much of the availability of the products. While some illegal drugs are banned in Texas, they can still be accessed from Social Media sources; it is a growing concern for health and law enforcement. Focusing on more activities for residents (young and older) could be a way of diverting our population to a more healthy way of living.

Activities such as gardening would serve two ways, exercise and the availability of healthy foods – a definite win-win situation. Gardening is something that all ages can enjoy. Master Gardner Jaime Garcia  explained that many vegetables can be grown in our area year-round. All you need is a shovel, a rake and a hoe – of course, the soil, seeds and the desire to do it! It can be a family venture.

Walking trails to link areas together. The trails could be used for walking or biking; and could even bring people into the community for events using these trails. Building and ‘dressing’ the trails with butterfly areas, native plants would serve as interest and education. Zapata has a lot to offer, starting with Falcon Lake, but it does not have to stop there – it is a beginning.

Using the Fairgrounds as a base for a multi-facet gala event could be an attraction to draw crowds. All of these ideas are doable with cooperation and support. Contact either AgriLife Agent, Jesse Rodriguez or Sammy Luera, for more information and find out how you can become involved in your community.