Jeeter Ranch Tidbits: July 2019

“Wouldn’t it be nice if we could put ourselves in the dryer for ten minutes and come out wrinkle free and three sizes smaller!”

Joyce Currington | – July 3, 2019

One way to drop a few sizes would be to attend a South Texas style dance event. I am always amazed at the coordination, smoothness and stamina of our hispanic culture. I think they are born dancing and may slow down with age, but they do not stop. There is a love of dancing that is not exhibited in other areas. You may not dance, but you will be mesmerized watching the couples dance.

This was part of the excitement at the San Ygnacio Ladies Club Coronation Ball held June 29, at the Henry Martinez Civic Center, to announce the 2019 Royalty. After some foot tapping music by Ruben Vela and his band, which few could resist taking to the floor and showing their skills, the Court was introduced.

Miss San Ygnacio 2019, Juleesa A.Salazar; Jr. Miss San Ygnacio, Jennyfer Love Ramirez;  Little Mr.San Ygnacio, Rolando Lopez,Jr.; and Little Miss San Ygnacio, Jaqueline A.Landa, were introduced to the crowd by Ladies Club President Dora Martinez and Justice of the Peace Juana Gutierrez. These four young residents will represent San Ygnacio for the next year, with their beautiful smiles and outstanding personalities.The young ladies demonstrated poise and confidence – when young Rolando entered the floor, the crowd cheered – he was dressed in low-rider attire, from hat to shoes and strutted his style in perfection for his six years! He traded his hat for a well-earned crown! You will see more of these four during the year at the San Ygnacio events and they will make the town and County proud. Congratulations to the children and their parents.

In other news, some not as exciting, did you read about the lady licking the Blue Bell Ice Cream at a store and returning it to the freezer? This was probably a dare, some thought this should be a felony – probably because who could taste the Blue Bell and put it back! Lays Potato Chips have the “betcha you can’t eat just one”, maybe Blue Bell could market on “betcha can’t just lick our ice cream”!

The media has been kept busy with the loss of many well-known individuals, Beth Chapman – wife of Dog the Bounty Hunter; Lee Iacocca, auto industry inspiration; and Gloria Vanderbilt of fashion fame.

Too bad the death of some of our social media cites could not be listed in the ‘loss lists’. What started as a fun thing, has grown into a vengeful and damaging tool and a big waste of time. Recently, the Zapata County Library had their annual summer program – it was inspiring to see children (ages 4-12) interacting with one another, playing games, building with blocks, doing crafts – for two hours without a cell phone in their hands! They were laughing and thoroughly enjoying being together. Why not pull out those Sorry!, Monopoly, Clue, Scrabble and other board games and cards for a family evening of fun (without a cell phone or electronic device). Get to know your kids. How about Charades?

Or put on the music and dance!