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relax-without-alcoholJeeter Ranch Tidbits
Joyce Currington | June 25, 2016

The headline in an article said relax without alcohol. It is true that many people feel the only way to unwind is with a cold beer or some other type of alcohol. There is nothing wrong with that in moderation, but is there other ways to unwind? Here are three that are recommended; they can be combined and they do not cost a lot of money.

Take a walk. Listen to your favorite music. Spend time with a pet.

All three of these are known to help keep you active and also lower blood pressure. What do they have to do with Zapata? A lot. I have mentioned our walking trails and our clean air before, so what better place to put on your walking shoes, carry your music and have your dog on a leash (or take a companion with you). And don’t forget to take water along to keep you hydrated. Oh, you might want to have your camera, we are also known for our variety of interesting birds. You won’t find many couch-potatoes around here!

Not all activities are outside. The Zapata County Library offers a quiet setting where you can enjoy your favorite book, do research or check your emails with the numerous computers available. The numerous RV Parks are conveniently located for easy access to shopping, yet you have the rural setting that makes Zapata the attraction it is. Don’t expect hustle and bustle – you won’t find it down here, this is siesta land, so slow down and enjoy.

Zapata is located at an intersection Highway 83 and Highway 1, there are three ways out of town (four if you swim). Highway 83 goes north toward Laredo or south toward the Valley. Highway 16 goes north east toward Hebbronville. There is a lot of history in our area and taking a drive will direct you to many sites. Take time to stop and read the Historical Markers with interesting facts.

The first Saturday of the month is set for the Farmers Market, across from the Chamber of Commerce on Highway 83. Here is your opportunity to browse, chat and buy. Most vendors are locals who offer crafts, plants, foods and plenty of conversation.