JRT – Enlightening Quotes


Jeeter Ranch Tidbits
Joyce Currington | June 26, 2016

Sitting in waiting rooms can be enlightening – if you just look around at the decorations they have chosen.

This sign seems to have an antique look to it, so possibly is quite old. The information is very thought provoking, think about each of these. I have added footnotes after each. There are fourteen, that is enough for two weeks of things to do!

“Make a memory”  Think about it, every day can have a special memory, not necessarily a big one! Sometimes it is the small ones that last the longest.

“Smile for no reason”  My checkbook has Smiles are Contagious above the signature line, signing a check can be the hardest time to smile.

“Create joy.”  Without joy, there is sadness and should have little room in our lives.

“Pay it forward”  This was the title of a movie, remember it? It emphasized putting others first.

“Dance without music”  If you can do this, then you have music in your heart.

“WAX poetic” I’m not sure what this one means, unless it has to do with housecleaning with a rhythm!

“Laugh until you cry”  Haven’t we all done this!

“Win with grace”  Add to this lose with grace. Good sportsmanship is needed win or lose.

“Eat dessert first” Definitely!

“Count your blessings” You will be surprised how many you have that you overlook.


“Say yes to chocolate” This also gets a definitely! Just be sure it is the dark chocolate.

“Take the high road”  Apply this to how you feel, always look up to good things, do not dwell of feeling down.

“Make someone’s day” That someone could even be you!

“Celebrate everything” Why not! I don’t celebrate my birthday, but I do not want to stop having them! Besides, they are so many things to celebrate – our friendships should be included.