Good News in Zapata

Joyce Currington | Zapata, TX

While we read about the violence in other counties and states, Zapata can take the stage with three very special young lads. I am referring to Francisco “panchito” Munoz, Rene Rivera and Christopher Munoz, who went out of their way to help an elderly resident. This happened after school, when the boys were on their “free” time. They were riding the neighborhood in their ATV when they passed a lady walking.It was hot, as usual in South Texas. I had gone to pick up my mail and was returning home. The boys went by, then down the road, they turned around and returned. “Would you like a ride?”

At first I declined, but on second thought, I accepted. These boys were taking time from their enjoyment to give me a ride out of the heat! It was a short, pleasant ride and very much appreciated. Zapata can be proud of our youth – parents are still instilling good qualities in our children.This isn’t the last we will hear of these three young men – they are our leaders of tomorrow. Congratulations to their families for giving us such good examples.

I want to add that while many young and older abuse the privilege of using ATV’s, these boys were considerate and respectful. A welcome site in anyone’s book.