The Month of October

Jeeter Ranch Tidbits | Joyce Currington

Each month celebrates different events; some solemn, some on the wacky side, others just plain interesting.What does October have in store for us? Monthly it is Awareness Month; Computer Learning Month or maybe you would prefer National Popcorn Popping Month – it looks like we are in for an exciting month.

To highlight a few of the special days, October 2 is ‘World Smile Day’. We may have missed it this year, but it is the first Friday of the month, so mark your calendar for 2021.

October 5 is ‘Do Something Nice Day’. There should be more of those, like – everyday.

October 9 is ‘Moldy Cheese Day’! How do you plan for a day like that and what kind of an event would you have? That requires ‘food for thought’. Of course, it can be tied in with October 11 which is, ‘Its my Party Day’.

October 14 is a dual day, ‘Take Parents to Lunch Day’ and ‘Take your Teddy Bear to Work’ (the later falls on the second Wednesday of the month) Teddy bears seem to indicate comfort and love. How many still have their cuddly teddy bear from their youth?

Now we get to a very special day. Black Cat Day is celebrated October 27. While some believe black cats are bad luck, Countries such as New Britain, Japan and Egypt view them as good luck. Fishermen and sailors consider them to be good omens. Russian considers all cats good luck.

Personally I was glad to learn about Black Cats being good luck – things are going to get better around the homestead! We have been blessed with a litter of three black males and one tabby male. The mama looks Siamese, complete with ice-blue eyes. One of the little guys may end up with blue eyes – won’t that be unique, a black kitty with blue eyes! I don’t view them as good or bad luck – I view them as the best mouse trap you can have, they earn their keep! They are purr-fect companions and can certainly soothe the savage beast in us. Plus they offer hours of entertainment. We pick our dogs, but our cats pick us.

So, put a smile on your face, pop some popcorn and enjoy the month of October – its a 10.